Trip Planner

Trip Planner

Preparing for Your New Mexico Hunt

Recommended Gear List

  • Camo Clothing - Kuiu, Sitka are best. Layered clothing is best because of hiking and temp fluctuations. Bring one heavy jacket for ATV rides that can get pretty cold. Also include a sock cap for rides and cold mornings.
  • Good Hiking Boots - recommended are the newer lighter type boots like Scarpa, Crispi, Kowa, Kennetrek. Be sure they are broke in and ready for steep mountains. Don't need heavy insulation.
  • Gators for dew and/or rain covered grass in the morning.
  • Light Rain Gear
  • Moleskin for blisters
  • Head Lamp
  • Gloves - light to medium will do fine
  • Snake Leggings - some years the rattlers are bad during the archery hunts
  • Day Pack - this needs to be big enough to carry some food, 3 or 4 bottles of water and to stuff clothes in as day warms up.
  • Back Pack - *Note - this only applies to pack in hunts where you will be carrying everything needed for the hunt. A full sized pack will be needed like the Kuiu 7000 or 7800.  
  • Binoculars - You won't need a spotting scope unless you just want one to be able to help glass.
  • Face mask - bowhunters
  • Camp shoes
  • Towel
  • Sleeping bag - Cots and pads are provided at base camp. Those packing into camp will need light weight pads and bags. Refer to average temps below for best bag type to bring. We also provide pillows or bring a packable pillow if you wish.
  • Shooting Sticks - your guide will have all of this along with the long range gun we provide. If you bring your own weapon, you will need sticks.


  • Custom Long Range - 95% of our clients use our long range rifles and muzzleloaders. If you choose to bring your own rifle, we recommend 30 caliber magnums and bonded type bullets for both deer and elk. 
  • NEW MEXICO LEGAL BOWS - Arrows must have broad heads (fixed or mechanical) with cutting edges. Sights on bows may NOT project light, but lighted pins are acceptable. We STRONGLY do NOT recommend the one pin sight that has to be adjusted before each shot. The newer rangefinder sights are incredible but costly.

Taxidermy and Meat

  • Cloth game bags - enough for the animal you are hunting
  • Ice Chests for meat and cape - two 120 quart ice chests for elk, one 120 quart ice chest for deer
  • Local Meat Processor - We do have a local meat processor who can cut, wrap, freeze and ship to you freight. 
  • Donate - You can donate all or portion of your animal to your guide if you choose. 
  • Taxidermist - We have a local taxidermist you can leave your mount with if you choose also. 


  • Tipping your Guide - 10-15% of the cost of the hunt is the normal tip for your guide
  • Additional tips - Don't forget to tip the cook as well as any other person assisting with your hunt. 

Temperatures to Expect

  • Sept Elk Hunts - Days 70-80 degrees, Nights 35-45 degrees. Rain possible.
  • October Elk and Deer Hunts - Days 60-70 degrees, Nights 30-45 degrees. Rain possible.
  • November Deer Hunts - Day 60-70 degrees, Nights 25-40 degrees. Snow possible.
  • Late November Elk Hunt - Day 50-65 degrees, Nights 25-35 degrees. Snow possible.

Camp and Hunting Rules

  • All state game and fish laws will be followed
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed until after the evening hunt
  • Gun safety is high priority and will be strictly followed
  • If an animal is wounded, we will do what is ethically responsible in trying to recover the animal. 
  • We reserve the right to stop the hunt if any of the above rules are not followed. 

Directions to Winston, NM

  • Coming from El Paso, TX
    • I-10 north to Las Cruces, NM. Merge onto I-25 northbound.
    • I-25 to Truth or Consequences, NM. Exit at 83, turn left onto Hwy 181.
    • Proceed 2.3 miles to Hwy 52, turn left and proceed 29 miles to Winston
    • Call our home phone once on Hwy 52 so we can meet you at the Winston General Store.
    • 575-743-0448 
    • No cell service once you get into the mountains
  • Coming from Albuquerque, NM
    • Head south on I-25 approx 140 miles to exit 89. 
    • Take a right at the top of ramp and then a left at the stop sign onto Hwy 181
    • Proceed 3 miles to Hwy 52, turn right and drive 29 miles to Winston
    • Call our home phone once on Hwy 52 so we can meet you at the Winston General Store
    • 575-743-0448
    • No cell service once you get into the mountain

Cell Service

  • Service is extremely spotty in our area. Some camps have service at the camp, some have service just over the hill. Other camps that are remote have zero service. Once we know what camp you will be staying in, we can then let you know where you can get service. 

Airport Information

  • You can fly into either El Paso International Airport or Albuquerque International Airport. Both are approximately 2.5 hours from Winston, NM. From the airport, you will need to rent a vehicle to get to camp. A four wheel drive is best, but a 2 wheel drive SUV with high clearance will work.  We do not provide airport service.  

New Mexico License Requirements

Draw Hunt - Elk, Deer, Antelope, Oryx, Ibex, Big Horn Sheep

  • If you checked for us the outfitter to receive your license, they are sent to us and we check them for any errors and will hold them here for safekeeping until your hunt. 
  • If you checked to receive the license yourself, you will need to check it over for errors and be sure to bring the tag with you for your hunt.

Landowner Tag Hunt 

  • Once we receive the ranch authorization numbers, we contact you with the information so that you are able to purchase your tag on the NM Game and Fish website. You can check for us the outfitters to receive your tag so we can check it for errors and keep it here until your hunt date or for you to receive it and bring the tag with you for your hunt. 

Over the Counter Tags

  • Licenses for bear will need to be purchased prior to your hunt with enough time for you to receive your tag in the mail. It is best to give at least 3 weeks turn-around to receive the tags. You can have the tags mailed to us the outfitter or mailed to yourself. 
  • Private land only tags - we will contact you with the information you need to purchase the tags. You can then purchase them on the NM Game and Fish website. You can have the tags mailed to us the outfitter or mailed to yourself. 

Preparing for Your Texas Hunt

Recommended Gear List

  • Camo - any kind is good. We use Kuiu, Sitka and similar.  The ride from camp to the hunting area can be pretty cold in the early morning hours, so you will need a heavy coat and a sock cap. It's best to layer your clothing as it will become quite warm mid-morning into the afternoon. Typical temps are around 25-35 degrees in the morning to 65-80 degrees during the daytime.
  • Good hiking boots - Kennetrek, Crispi, Scarpa, etc. Please be sure they are good and broke in for hiking.
  • Gloves - pair of leather gloves and a pair of warmer gloves for riding in the ATV. 
  • Small Day Pack - large enough to carry lunch, 3-4 bottled waters and somewhere to stuff clothing as you peel off layers.
  • Sleeping accommodations are beds with mattresses, so bring a cheap Walmart type sleeping bag to use.
  • Headlamp
  • Binos
  • Towels - shower and towels are available for your use
  • Camp shoes
  • Moleskin 


  • Custom Long Range - 95% of our clients use our custom rifles. If you choose to bring your own gun, we recommend 30 caliber magnums and bonded type bullets for both aoudad and deer. 
  • We do not offer any bow hunting for deer or aoudad. 
  • We have a rifle range set up at the ranch where you will be instructed in how to shoot long range. 

Taxidermy and Meat

  • Typically we do not pack out the aoudad meat, but if you would like to take some home we can bring part of the meat out. 
  • We will pack out all of the mule deer meat and the options are to take it home in an ice chest or donate the meat. 
  • There are no meat processors close to our location. 
  • We recommend bringing a 120 quart ice chest to carry the meat and cape home.
  • We have a local taxidermist if you would like to leave your head with us. 


  • Guides - 10-15% of the cost of the hunt is the normal tip for your guide

Cell Service

  • Starlink WIFI is at the ranch as well as a ranch phone to make phone calls.
  • 432-229-3186

Directions to Circle Dug Ranch

  • From El Paso - get on Hwy 10 to Van Horn. 
  • Exit into Van Horn and take Hwy 90 to Marfa
  • At Marfa, take Hwy 67 to Presidio
  • As you are coming into Presidio, watch for infection with Hwy 170
  • Take Hwy 170 to Candelaria
  • Candelaria is the end of the pavement
  • Meet us at the Catholic Church on your right in Candelaria.
  • Be careful on road to Candelaria as there is livestock loose on the road
  • Please call us before you start on Hwy 170 so we know when to meet you.
  • 432-229-3186 or 575-707-3653
  • You will lose cell service on the way to Candelaria 
  • There is a new Valero gas station on the left as you are coming into Presidio. Be sure to gas up there.
  • The intersection to 170 is just down the road from the Valero, so you don't have to go into Presidio.

Airport Information

  • You will need to fly into El Paso International Airport. You will need to rent an SUV type vehicle with clearance.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Since it is a 5 hour drive to the town of Candelaria, you will need to be sure to get to El Paso early enough to get to Candelaria no later than 8:00 pm. If it will be later than that, you will need to spend the night somewhere and we will meet you the next day. 

Texas License Requirements - Non Resident


License type 105: $315 - Hunt deer, aoudad, javelina and varmints 

* Those hunting Deer and Aoudad or just Deer will need to buy License type 105(non-resident general hunting) This license will need to be purchased in time to get the license mailed to you. 

License type 157: $48- Hunt aoudad, javelina and varmints

*Those hunting Aoudad only will need to purchase license 157(non-resident 5 day special hunting) BE SURE TO START YOUR LICENSE ON THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR HUNT, NOT THE DAY YOU ARRIVE!!! 

*All hunters in Texas born on or after Sept 2, 1971 must have completed a hunter education course and have the official card in their possession while hunting. 

Texas licenses can be purchased from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Website or by Phone 1-800-895-4248

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