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New Mexico Elk Hunting Outfitters


Our elk hunts take place in the big bull country of the New Mexico Gila National Forest. This country will produce a 400 inch bull every year. There is nothing more exciting when hunting elk knowing you might get a shot at the monster of your dreams.

The New Mexico elk hunting units we primarily operate in are 16B, 17, 16C and 21A. We are fully equipped to do pack-in hunts into the wilderness areas as well as spike camps away from roads and other hunters. Some of the best hunts are muzzleloader hunts and we can provide the use of one of our custom long-range guns especially built for killing elk in this type of country. Archery hunts are booked around the bugling season and we give you a full 8 days of hunting as opposed to the common 5 or 6 day hunt. Rifle tags are harder to come by, but we can put you on the bulls if you draw!

Photos of Elk - Archery, Rifle and Muzzeloader


New Mexico Elk Guides

Again, all of the guiding is done by our family and a few friends who help us. You will enjoy your guide's experience, attitude, humor and passion for success. We like guiding and hunting, but we LOVE killing!


Elk Hunting Camps

Our camps are determined by where our pre-season scouting leads us. Some hunts will be out of our ranch house where we will drive to the hunting area then go on foot. It's common to stay out all day with a small back pack and take a nap under a pine tree mid-day. Wilderness camps are packed into with our livestock, then we walk into camp with backpacks and hunt each day on foot from the tent.


Elk Hunting Success in NM

Let's be honest...when you hear the phrase "success is not about the kill", that doesn't describe the majority of us hunters. I always enjoy being out in the field, but I don't carry my gun or bow for exercise! I want to kill something! With that being said, let's look at success the way most of us hard-core hunters do. What are my odds of killing an elk? Here's the bottom line....if you are in good physical condition and have a "let's go get em" attitude, your odds of success are near 100%. What this means is you will more than likely have a good shot opportunity at a bull. If you miss or don't take the shot, it will be on you.

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Elk Tags

New Mexico Elk Tags

New Mexico elk tags are obtained either by draw or purchasing a landowner tag. Purchasing a landowner tag will increase the price of your hunt, but it guarantees you will be elk hunting this year. Drawing odds vary according to quality and area. Your odds go up considerably if you apply through an outfitter. This deadline to apply is generally towards the end of March.

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