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Texas Aoudad Hunting

Texas Aoudad Hunting

December 15, 2018 by

It's Walker here again to let you know what's going on in the world of Big Rim! Well, I'm down in West Texas looking at a big rim covered in big Rams! Yep that's right folks, aoudad season is upon us once again and there is plenty of big Rams to be killed. I have been here at the ranch in West Texas for about 2 weeks now and have seen in excess of 150 Rams and a more than a hand full of them were 30 inch plus Rams. We have taken 2 Rams already and both were over 30 inches. The sheep herd is definitely the best I have ever seen it and it seems to get better every year. On the last hunt one of our clients and good friend, Kristie, shot her big Ram at 550 yards and smoked him with one shot. She was confident in taking the shot because she was able to practice with her rifle at our long range course we have set up here on the ranch. We have steel targets set from 250 yards out to a 1000 to get in all the practice you need to take a longer shot at an animal. I tell everyone to bring lots of ammo because we like to shoot over here. Besides all the range fun the hunting is awesome as usual and we can't wait till you get here to start knocking down some Rams and bucks with us. I will continue to keep you updated on how the hunts are going and will keep you posted with lots of pictures. Happy hunting everyone and talk to you soon.

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