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A Alan Griffin - Tomball, TX

A Alan Griffin - Tomball, TX

Having been an outfitter myself earlier in my life, I am fairly particular in my assessment of outfitters. I have known Bob Daugherty for almost 40 years now. Over this time, besides all the great hunts, he and I and our two families have become like extended family to each other. We have hunted extensively together for many species in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas and the Northwest Territories in Canada where we hunted for Moose, Caribou and wolf. We have successfully hunted Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, Desert Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Oryx, Aoudad Sheep, Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Hogs and varmints together. We hunt together several times a year. All hunts have been in superior quality habitat and then naturally all animals taken have been of superior quality. But far and above this factor, is the extremely superior family that you hunt with in the Daugherty’s of Big Rim Outfitters, a wonderful Christian family that runs an outstanding outfit with a wholesome Christian family atmosphere. Accommodations and food could not be better and the camp atmosphere very comfortable and fun. The children, Walker and Morgan, have been raised up in this family way of life and are now extremely accomplished in their own right. Morgan’s husband Michael, has been immersed since marrying Morgan and has quickly established himself as an equally accomplished member of the outfit. I have hunted in all of their primary areas (and have been privileged to have been invited to explore some new ones) and can tell you for sure that they do have the game and they know how to hunt. Depending on where we are the hunts can be from a lodge, personal ranch house, turn of the century ranch HQ or an old-style cowboy canvas wall tent. You may hunt in trucks, UTV’s, ATV’s and on foot or possibly hunting on mules. I have recommended Big Rim to family, friends and business associates and all have returned from their experiences with Big Rim with the same glowing accolades. I can absolutely guarantee you that once you hunt with the Daugherty’s and Big Rim Outfitters that not only will you have one of the finest hunts of your life, but you will come away with a lifelong friendship.

Don Travis - Chestertown, MD

Don Travis - Chestertown, MD

Travis Taxidermy / Wildlife Artist

Big Rim Outfitters has made a significant difference in my hunting career. I met Bob Daugherty in 1992 on a Colorado Mule deer hunt and it turned into a 24 year journey of adventure and friendship.

My hunts have been 100% shooting opportunity for all species hunted with a 97% success rate with bow, rifle and muzzleloader. (Aoudad, javelina, elk, mule deer, antelope) Many of my trophies qualifying for the Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young records books. The many clients referred from our full-time taxidermy business have all enjoyed similar results, boosting our business over the years with superb trophies to mount. In 2014, I took my 25th North American Species and qualified for the Super 25 award. That quest allowed me to meet many fine outfitters and some great people but I still rate the Big Rim Outfitter family and close knit group as some of the best. You will feel comfortable and safe in a Christian atmosphere and come away feeling like your own personal family has grown. If you want to make a significant difference in your own hunting career, I recommend you choose Big Rim Outfitters.

Cally Morris - Green Castle, MO

Cally Morris - Green Castle, MO

Hazel Creek Taxidermy / Bringin' It Home YouTube Video Series

When it comes to hunting and harvesting big game animals, Bob and his crew are top notch. I have hunted all over North America, Mexico and Canada and you won’t find a more dedicated crew of people to make your hunt successful. I have been hunting with Big Rim Outfitters for 16 years and have harvested several animals including multiple elk, mule deer, bear, aoudad sheep and turkeys. In my business of filming outdoor hunting (Bringin’ It Home Youtube video series) it is important to get close and clear footage of mature animals, that is why I always hunt with Big Rim Outfitters.

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